Website campaign – 2019

Dec 31, 2018

Project outline

Since 2006, we have focused our energies on protecting turtles and the coast: concrete action, but little communication due to lack of resources. Volunteers and supporters who discover us on social networks, or during Turtle Watching seasons, would like to get more information about our action, our needs and follow our news. Foreign scientists and partners also invite us to produce information in English. The basic and free website that we had needed a real upgrade: we now have a tool more adapted to our ambitions.

Why a crowdfunding campaign?

Even if we work in the public interest, the public funds we receive do not match the issues and needs. We have contacted several interested private partners to sponsor our actions. Their feedback was unanimous: we did not have a serious communication support to promote their companies and make our work known. In addition to animating the social networks, which we did well, we therefore had to invest quickly in a new website.


we need you!

Faced with the urgency of the season, partners helped us create our new website and we are launching a crowdfunding campaign to complete the funds.

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The amount of the financing campaign by individuals was determined at 180,000 XPF (1,500 EUR).

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What will the money collected be used for?

Companies have already assured us of their support for the creation of the website in French and English. We still have to finance the maintenance and animation of this site for 2019, while waiting to secure funding for this tool for the coming years.

Update of the fundraising campaign:

end of the campaign: 31 october 2019.  SPONSORS : 270.000 XPF / CROWDFUNDING : 180.000 XPF

Amount to finance (XPF)

Amount received (XPF)

  • % funding website creation 40% 40%
  • % funding annual maintenance 20% 20%
  • % of funding Companies/ Individuals 60% 60%

Thank you to the companies that supported us already:

Any comments about our new website to make it even better?