Would you like to support our actions? Thank you! It is thanks to all our members and sponsors that we have been pursuing our action for more than 10 years. Your presence at our side is essential and encourages us a lot.

Your support can take several forms:

  • Make a donation
  • Take a membership
  • Make a purchase in our shop
  • Get involved as a volunteer


Would you like to join our teams, get involved in the protection of marine turtles and share these exceptional moments? Contact us, tell us who you are, where you live, your projects, your expectations and what skills you think you can bring to us.

Make a donation

Bwärä carries out many actions thanks to the combination of many good wills and a limited budget. If you wish to donate some money to us, it will be used wisely: the employment of a year-round project manager to ensure the sustainability of our actions, the purchase of materials for reforestation actions, the design of new educational and communication tools, the improvement of living conditions in the camp for field workers, the implementation of new scientific projects, the purchase of a vehicle, a ton of water… These are not the only ideas that we have to develop our activity. We thank you in advance for your support!


Taking out a membership for Bwärä – Marine Turtles will help us in a simple way to make our actions on the beaches of Bourail sustainable. You will then be informed of our activities through our monthly newsletter.

Annual subscription for one adult : 3000 F CFP
Annual subscription for a family or couple : 5000 F CFP
Annual subscription for students and jobless supporters : 1500 F CFP per person


You can choose from our collection the t-shirt you like, replace your sarong… all this by doing a good deed!

The shop is open every day from 7am to 11am and in the afternoons from Monday to Saturday from 1pm to 4pm from November to May, at our office in La Roche Percée where the nursery is located.

Thank you !

Whatever you do, we will be very grateful and guarantee that we will make good use of it. Thank you in advance!