REFORESTATION of the coastline and catchment areas

Bourail is in the heart of the West Coastal Zone (ZCO), classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

If marine turtles do not find a welcoming environment, they will not lay eggs. Based on this observation, Bwärä – Marine Turtles set up a nursery in 2008 and started to collect seeds, buy plants and grow all these trees to ensure the sustainability of the beaches and the best welcome for turtles.

They regularly lay eggs on the edge of vegetation, where the sand will have a more constant temperature, which is important for nests.

Currently, 7,000 plants aged 0 to 3 years are in acclimatization. There are endemic dry forest and seaside species (Colonary pines, Acropogon, white mangroves, Raporé, Cycas).

Several times a week, the team of permanent staff and volunteers visit sites undergoing reforestation: beachsides and coastal paths. Equipped with shovels, picks, and gloves, we plant new trees and maintain the sites. 

In addition, Bwärä – Marine Turtles’ eco-guards spontaneously take charge, with the help of conscientious local residents, of removing waste abandoned by unscrupulous beach users, and also of watering the young plants in the dry season.

That’s how Turtle Bay is reborn! With its classification as a Natural Reserve a few years ago, the campsite is prohibited, allowing our young plants to develop in this magical setting. In the future, a shaded forest will have regained its former position.

Le bonhomme de Bourail

Some figures since 2006…

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